"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." --John Dewey

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's a Wiggio?

Sounds a little like a cross between part of your Super Mario Halloween costume and a children's breakfast cereal, don't you think?  It is, in fact, something far more useful than either.  Wiggio is a website specifically designed to make Working In Groups easy and efficient.  And, by the way, it provides some wonderful tools to do just that.

Start by going to http://wiggio.com and creating your free account.  Next, create a group, and invite contacts to join.  You and your fellow group members now have an easy way to share files, messages, calendar events, and so much more.

Decide on user permissions when setting up your group.  Here are your options.

Users will see a menu that looks like this. 

Together, your group members can 
  • keep a shared calendar, 
  • create or upload documents and spreadsheets to share, 
  • share links to great websites, 
  • send text, voice and/or email messages, 
  • set up conference calls, virtual meetings and chatrooms,
  • share task lists, and
  • create polls with yes/no, multiple choice and short answer questions.
Try creating a group for your colleagues, and see how useful this website can be.  You may find yourself with a lot more free time, and maybe even a little extra money, on your hands.  You see, for every new user who accepts your invitation to join a group, you'll be awarded a "ticket" for the Wiggio weekly raffle.  You may end up with a $50 gift card to iTunes, Amazon or Best Buy, just in time to start your holiday shopping.

Use this link to check out Wiggio:  http://wiggio.com/share.php?id=103360.  After all, I have holiday shopping to do too!

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