"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." --John Dewey

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My BrainShark to the Rescue!

We've all heard it before.  There are students who do well by reading directions, while some need to hear directions, and still others need to both see and hear them.  Adults, undoubtedly, are no different.  Have you ever taken the time to send a detailed email only to find out that the recipient didn't read every word as carefully as you wrote them?  It can certainly be frustrating when your thoughtfully composed message just doesn't do the trick, but what can you do?  . . .  Enlist the aid of a brainshark, that's what!

Mybrainshark.com is a wonderful website that allows you to upload written content to your free account, add narration, background music, even survey questions, and share with your contacts.  You can add your voice to documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos and photos by using your computer's microphone, or your cell phone.  Share your file by distributing a link, embedding it in a blog, wiki or web page, or via QR code.  Twitter and Facebook users can also share their work through their favorite social networking site, or (and this is my favorite) email contacts directly through the mybrainshark website.  Then, with the simple click of a checkbox, you'll receive an email notification each time your work is viewed.  Invest in a Pro account, and get access to even more features.  Never again will your colleagues, or your students, miss the important details of your message.

Take a look at the sample presentation below.  I know you'll want to give mybrainshark a try, and once you do, I'm confident you'll be a fan.  My Brain Shark truly is the easy, free way to make online video.

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